Rich & Meg Kruse

I enrolled in Auto Body class at what was then known as C.N.T.C. in the fall of 1967. Meg and I met there in 1969. She was enrolled in Dental Assisting. We were married in 1970 in Harvard. We have a daughter (Errin) born in 1974, and a son (Fritz) born in 1976.
I worked at various jobs in the Hastings area. Meg stayed at home and raised babies. We both took the Rural Letter Carrier exam in 1987. I got a full time route in Sutton in 1989. Meg substituted on several rural routes and also worked in the Harvard Post Office. I retired in Sept. of 2005 and Meg retired a year later. We hope to have a long happy retirement knitting and crocheting for charity (Meg) and fishing (Rich) and enjoying our new grandson who was born Jan. 7, '09 We also hope to have many years driving our Stude and enjoying our new friends in the car club. We joined Tri-City Street Rods in Sept. of 2007.

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